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Krishna Softech is an India based IT company.

Krishna Softech starts with them aim Turns paper documents and handwritten data into information using Automated Data Extraction System.

Krishna has provided leading document capture and forms processing software solutions to organizations globally.

Our Software efficiently transforms documents into information, improves information accuracy and reduces data entry costs.

Krishna markets its technology directly to end-users.

We offer a wide range of services including data entry, document conversion, scanning solutions, pdf and html conversion, database management and image editing solutions.

Our customer support is the very best!

Krishna Softech provides a total paper-to-electronic solution.

Over 20 years’ experience in IT Industry

IT services includes Custom Software Services, Automated Input Management and IT Infrastructure Management and services.

Managed by well experience IT people.

Wide experience in the field of automated data input management and services.

Design and develop a unique solution for universities for exam marks entry and enrollment procedure.